How to copy files from an old repo to a new repo?

When migrating from one version control system to another you want to keep all the files from the old repository obviously, but what can be more tricky is keeping the whole commit history as well. This little tutorial will show how to transfer all files from one repository to another including the commit history.

How to run Linux shell commands on Windows?

In some cases it can be useful to run Linux commands. But what can you do when your machine is running Windows instead of Linux? In this tutorial we will find out how to run Linux shell commands while running Windows on your machine.

How to sign your commits?

Recently I read that people could falsely commit on my name. This can be done by simply doing a commmit with someone else's config values which values you can easily discover. So how can we show to everyone that my commit is really mine? The solution for this is by using signed commits.

How to find and update NPM packages?

GitHub notifies you when you have dependencies in your project with security vulnerabilities. But often it complains about an NPM package I didn't even install by myself. It's a package that a package I did install depends on. But which package that I did install is the parent of that package?

How to find files with a long path length?

When trying to change the default folder of my Documents folder to another drive I got an error that said the path length of some files where too long to be moved and the path length could have a maximum of 260 characters. Then raised the question how I could find the specific files that caused the error.

How to rename projects in Visual Studio?

When trying to change the name of a project in Visual Studio I noticed it wasn't as straightforward as I expected it to be. There were several problems when reloading the project and I had to change a lot more files than what I was used to. In order to not have to go through the same hell over and over again I decided to create a little tutorial for this.

How to fix the GitKraken icon not showing?

At some point the desktop icon of my GitKraken app disappeared. I could still run the app, but the icon was not showing. This made me wonder what happened and how I could get the icon back.

How to push an existing project to GitHub?

Sometimes I want to push a project to GitHub. But often when I do that my project is somehow nested in some folders on GitHub instead of having the root of my project there. That's why I decided to figure out how to make sure that won't happen anymore and how I'll always be able to push a fresh project to GitHub.